Curiosities about technology.


Notebook Avell G1565

Avell is one of the few notebook manufacturers that bets on the gamer segment in Brazil and stands out for offering customization options.


Scientists at the University of Birmingham in Britain are testing a night-time robot in an office.
"Bob" is patrolling the G4S security office in Tewkesbury, England.
Following the plant that owns the office, the robot enters a room, shoots, and does a 3D scan using a technology similar to that of computer games. He does a site mapping and if he sees something different from the last survey - or an item out of place - he alerts.

According to the WSJ, the device, which is called internally Winner (winner), would have a 7-inch screen when unfolded, would be focused on niche markets such as gamers, and could be "folded as a wallet."

A restaurant in Harbin, northern China, opened its doors with unprepared cooks and waiters: 20 robots with different appearances, more than 10 types of facial expressions and the ability to welcome customers with different welcome phrases.

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